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Mirage Full Facility Demo

Project Description EVERYTHING we do (except making the coffee) is crammed into this 2 minute and 10 second  video. Hold on to something! star_rate Client: Mirage MarCom Date: March 9, 2020 Project URL: MirageMarCom.com star_rateRelated Projects
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Mirage Video and Animation Demo 2018 – Video

Project Description A collection of some of our most recent work. To view more, browse the full length videos on our video portfolio page: Miragemarcom.com star_rate Client: Mirage MarCom Date: September 10, 2018 Project URL: Miragemarcom.com star_rateRelated Projects
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Print, Interactive, Web Demo – Video

Project Description Our creativity and execution will bring your print pieces to life. From business cards to billboards, we cover the gamut of print production needs and services. Our talented web design team will ensure that your web page not only…
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Video, Animation Visual Effects Demo – Video

Project Description Mirage is a full service video production and post production facility.  Including: scripting and storyboards, HD location video shoots, video editing, 3D animation, cell animation, white board animation, motion graphics. motion tracking, and other visual effects. If you…
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Mirage Commercial Reel

Project Description Mirage concentrates mostly on the industrial and corporate side of things and we always come through for our clients when they want to have an “on-air” presence as well. star_rate Client: Mirage MarCom Date: February 13, 201 star_rateRelated Projects
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Augmented Reality Sample

Project Description Need to see what isn’t there?! Mirage can help. Augmented Reality makes print pieces come to life and gets viewers interacting! star_rate Client: Mirage MarCom Date: December 13, 2013 star_rateRelated Projects
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Mirage – Why Us!

Project Description Why Mirage?  Because of our experience, our expertise, our attention to details, our creativity, our… Oh – just watch the video! star_rate Client: Mirage Date: December 10, 2013 Project URL: miragemarcom.com star_rateRelated Projects
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